Numerology and The New Millennium

Pythagoras is said to have put up Schools to study this topic. As a Numerologist I feel that this discipline may be used to analyse changing and important influences that affect us and the world we live in. It can also be utilised as a tool for analysing people’s individual personalities and destinies. Numerology is a positive Discipline inasmuch as it supports free will and doesn’t make fatalistic predictions. Instead, it targets the widespread trends in our own lives and communicates what activities and attitudes are needed in order to attain happiness and success. We always have a choice. We can opt to embrace the spirit of the advice or we can opt to go our own way. The latter decision may mean that we wind up swimming against the tide, however, so be it. Bearing this in mind, I wish to take this opportunity to briefly discuss the significant power that I think, is currently affecting all our lives.

The new millennium has a judgment Amount, as did its predecessor, and this could be a fantastic time to explain the gap between them. The preceding millennium was mostly masculine in its own character and its own governing number was one. This was the very first digit at the beginning of each year before 1999. It represented an individual, singular, and dominant drive through its reign and men dominated the world. The latter portion of the last century, however, ushered in a change inducing the sway of the one to give over to the female principal that is regulated by the two as in the year 2000 onwards. It was during this time that Britain voted in its first female Prime Minister and girls started to go into key roles in an obvious way. Margaret Thatcher, and Princess Diana, are just two examples of the movement with many more to follow…

The two, by its very nature, manifests Itself as a set. It emphasises Duality in all its forms and covers any situation that provide two things or situations. Sadly, we have got a symbolic landmark that expresses this when we think of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in New York at the beginning of this new Millennium. The greatest best numerologist in india significance which may be connected to it deals with relationships on all levels and the effort that is necessary in order to run them successfully. It teaches us that we need to develop fellowship abilities, in all walks of life, if we want to lead more fulfilled and protected lives. Gentleness and consideration ought to be uppermost in our minds. This is because we are presently moving through a period of increased sensitivity once we will all often experience feelings of vulnerability or an occasional loss of emotional control. An illustration of this, in Britain’s recent past, was that the, previously unseen, outpouring of emotion after Princess Diana’s death.

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