Story Of Maa Vintha Gadha Vinuma 2020

Mama VinthaGadhaVinuma is special and a total romantic tale which expresses that things may flavor up when you are tanked yet the repercussions will be extreme. So this is the narrative of Siddu and Vinitha who are an excellent couple. Yet, they do exceptionally idiotic movement when they are smashed and the vidoes gets viral via web-based media. This film addresses the way of life of the current age. Everything is adequate till they experience the relationship and its center activities. Romantic movies online are truly sweet and engaging. MaaVinthaGadhaVinuma movie is accessible on Aha with extraordinary quality.Maa Vintha Gadha Vinuma movie


MaaVinthaGadhaVinuma is a super romantic tale of Siddu and Vinetha, they have a delightful bond which is acceptable to watch. Discussion about the characters Siddu is an imprudent, forceful person. He takes all the choices in a brief moment and isn’t that capable towards his activity. Vintha is capable, wonderful and an extremely concernful individual. The two of them have a place with very much settled groups of hyderabad. The two of them meet in school and get to know one another, see one another, lastly they experience passionate feelings for. Vintha has a sibling called karthik, she needed to give him a lifetime memory of the photographs. So they go out traveling to goa for their pre wedding photoshoot. In view of the carelessness of Siddu they become inebriated and are late for the shoot. Vintha blows up and the two of them battle. In that rash state and tipsiness the two of them get hitched in Goa and one of the travelle takes the video and posts it via online media. All the standing that families assembled these numerous days all went into water. Watch the film to realize what are the repercussions of that alcoholic activity.

Technical Aspects:

  • Story of the film is extremely associated with all the youths. This film is an insane experience that all the youths one day need to do and that the disposition that may have the fever. Generally relatable and associated story.
  • Cinematography of the film is great, they handle the camera well and even the shots are actually taken.
  • Locations of the film, It was lovely to observe the majority of the scenes in green and blue.
  • Dialogues have the complement of hyderabad. They were striking and solid shoots straightforwardly to the crowds.

Artist Performance:

  • SiddhuJonnalagadda was attractive and striking, his acting was exceptionally great in this sentimental sort.
  • Seeratkapoor was delightful in her activity. She appeared to be changed however perceived the power of her job.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: SiddhuJonnalagadda

Actress: Seeratkapoor

Other Actors: Tannikella Bharani, Fish Venkat, Shishir Sharma

Director: Aditya Mandala

Producer: Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala

Cinematography: SaiprakashUmmadisingu

Music director: Joy, SricharanPakala, Rohit

Editor: SidduJonnalagadda

Written by: SidduJonnalagadda

Other Information:

Run time: 100 mins.

Release date: 13 November 2020

Genre: Romance, Drama

Available on: Aha

Romantic movie online like these are genuinely amusing to watch. MaaVinthaGadhaVinuma movie online is adventours for youth.

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